Who We Are


Travel Company “NES TRAVEL” is formed by a team of professionals in the field of travel. The company’s aims are the creation and implementation of a quality tourism product demanded by the times.

Our experience combined with modern technology allows the customer to choose from a huge number of tourist tours offers of the operating companies, the reliability and quality of services is not in doubt.
We are always open and responsive to the wishes of the client. We value the “reverse factor”, so many of those who came to us one day become our regular customers.

We believe tourism is the source that feeds the mind, expands the world and fills your heart with joy. The goal of our tour company isto help client, justifyingto the expectations, to embody the dream of a vacation.


We make our customers happy; we help to realize the hopes and dreams, organizing adventure trips.

Team working

We are a team of professionals that can quickly, effectively and qualitatively solve their tasks.

We are able to hear the views and ideas of each other and perceive them as something that we can still learn, and what we can all gain from.

We are a team of professionals that can quickly, effectively and qualitatively solve their tasks.


We are willing to be trained to enhance our professionalism, to do the work on the bugs, to adequately and efficiently perform our work, to bring good revenue and strive to become the best agency.


• Safety
• Responsibility
• Team working
• Development

We offer the following services:

• Organization of special events and programs, conferences, incentive tours and individual trips
• Historically-religious tours
• Adventure tours: biking, jeep tours
• Health tours
• Ski tours
• Marriage programs
• Booking hotels and guest houses
• Organization of corporate events
• A variety of group and individual tours
• Wine tours
• Cultural tours
• Guides services
• Rental of buses and jeeps


We are doing our best that our customers, colleagues and partnerstrust us.

We always provide reliable information promptly and thoroughly carry out the order of each client.

We believe the Company in which we operate.


We are responsible for the result of our work and the result of the company as a whole.

We do not avoid problems, but resolve them as quickly as possible.

We take personal responsibility for the success of the common cause, deal withthe tasksresponsibly and execute them effectively.